In-Service Agricultural Training Institute is serving the country since 1962. This institution holds historic distinction in rendering trainings to the in-service officers and official. Agriculture is our mainstay and with the passage of time Agriculture is becoming more and more technical. To combat the challenges, being sound in modern knowledge is inevitable. The Institute is on right track in this context and empowering all possible resources to alleviate the knowledge gap. On one hand, we are uplifting knowledge of officers and officials through in-service trainings, but on other hand, we are handing over technically sound DAS graduates to work as field assistants in the field. Our product is technically skilled and trained in all spheres of farming.

This institution is focused on modern agriculture, updated knowledge and practically skilled young field force. Use of information communication technologies in extension services and persistent practical at institute farm area are widening their visions to combat challenges. Institute is blessed with guidance and support from the higher authorities “Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department in all aspects. This support is helping us in harnessing our best potential for the betterment of Agriculture Sector. I am also obliged to my faculty and supportive staff in shaping our mission. We warmly welcome male and female students at this institute who desire to shape their destinies by their own.