Food is imperative of the survival of human being and bringing diversification in agriculture is most viable solution. Pakistan graced with unique agricultural environment and favorable climatic conditions. Resultantly, Pakistan holds respectable status across the world and our quality crops, fruits and associated products are remarkable recognitions. Holistic coordination of research, extension and farmers is the driver of development. Government led interventions implementation harness the beast returns, but possible through diversified agricultural extension services among farming communities. These extension workers are skilled change agents serving the communities at their door step. Besides field extension services, different training institutes are expanding their potential under Government of Punjab.

I feel happy that these training institutes are generating technically sound field force for the facilitation of extension department and farm masses. These institutes are complying the instructions of competent authority and executing their plans in accordance of standards set by competent authority. Ultimately, a quality product is handed over to the government extension department. Furthermore, continuous trainings of in-service officers and officials is filling the gap of knowledge essential to understand the complexities and needs of modern agriculture. I hope, these institutions will be doubling their efforts and interventions in best entrust of country.