Food requirements are increasing with the mounting population of the country. We meant not attain maximum production, but also the cost effective ad quality produce in wake of health safety. Conversely, agriculture has turned to complex system evolving erratic challenges. Despite of barriers, we have to linger on our mission and offer best research and extension services. I am indebted that research, extension and adaptive research are working at their best potential for the development of agriculture. Agriculture production depends on several inter-related components such development of appropriate production technology, dissemination of modern technology to the end users, and the formulation of farmer friendly agricultural policies.

Dissemination of appropriate technology to the farmer is of vital importance if benefit is to be derived from technological advances. Moreover, the gap existing between the research findings and farmers’ adoption needs appropriate rectification. Among other stakeholder, role of training institute is comprehendible. They are carrying their mission of generating skilled staff and improving knowledge of field officers and officials under agriculture extension system in Punjab in befitting manner.