The Mandate of Training Institute is “To diffuse and share innovative Agricultural technology among Students and Agriculture Practitioners for the better Management of Agricultural knowledge and economy through Adaptive Synergistic Organizational Culture”.

The main objectives of this Training Institute are:-

  1. To produce trained front line workers for transfer of modern Scientific Knowledge and Technology at the doorstep of farmer community.
  2. To impart In-service training for capacity building and leadership techniques to the officers and field workers working in Agricultural Extension & Research wing of Agriculture Department.
  1. To build up the capacity of farmers to make them enable to manage farm activities in better way and ultimately increase per acre yield of major Agriculture Crops, Fruits and Vegetables.
  2. Poverty alleviation through skillful human resource in Agricultural innovation is a must, so that the living standard of small farmer community may be uplifted.

    Importance of Pre service and In-Service Training.

    Pre service training is a one of the most exciting and challenging element of the technical experience. For the achievement of above said objectives, a three Year Diploma in Agricultural Sciences (DAS) is being regularly offered for matriculate with Science having at least C grade. Candidates accepted /selected into this Diploma Programme begin their commitment by completing pre-service training through formal three years education/training. These trainee students learn the skills in the field of Agricultural Sciences through class room teaching, field teaching experience, coaching and skill building, so that they can hit the ground, from their 1st day in job. Due to critical
    role, the DAS training an important role in their success.

    The In-Service trainings are extremely important not only for the success of extension workers but also for the success of department. It is necessary for the development of knowledge, skills and character of the trainees. Pre service trainings encompass teaching and learning specific skills, positive judgment, well developed wisdom and profoundness. The in-service training programme for the extension workers of agri. extension wing of agriculture department have increased the qualities possess by Extension workers which positively affect their performance and Capacity.